Inezita Barroso - Eu Me Agarro Na Viola (1960)

Copacabana CLP 11143

EDIT: Looks like I made some confusion with the track list and actual files included in the zip. The reason for it is that I have two different versions of this album. As not to omit any track this time, I have compiled one extended version from both editions. The changed list, which corresponds with the new zip, now includes 4 more tracks than those listed on the included back cover:

01. Eu Me Agarro na Viola (Tirana de Vila Nova) (Tradicional)
02. Urutáu (Lamartine Paes de Barros Machado)
03. Canção da Guitarra (Marcelo Tupinambá / Aplecina do Carmo)
04. Meu Baralho (Edvina de Andrade)
05. A Troco de Que (Luiz Vieira)
06. Moda da Mula Preta (Raul Torres)
07. Moda do Bonde Camarão (Mariano da Silva / Cornélio Pires)
08. A Voz do Violão (Francisco Alves / Horácio Campos)
09. Moda da Onça (Tradicional / Adpt. Inezita Barroso)
10. Boi Amarelinho (Raul Torres)
11. Leilão (Hekel Tavares / Joracy Camargo)
12. Moleque Vardema (Billy Blanco)
13. Minha Terra (Hekel Tavares / Luis Peixoto)
14. Casa de Cabocio (Hekel Tavares / Luis Peixoto)
15. Tamba-taja (Waldemar Henrique)


Créditos: Koama


  1. Hello, missing track number 2 urutáu.

    1. Thanks for reporting! I have edited the post and included Urutáu and some more tracks in the zip.


  2. I would like to make a comment:
    From the original LP, the track "Urutáu" was removed, as the editor of the work was not located to authorize the re-edition; the CD added track 11 with the recording "Tamba-Tajá", which was part of the LP "Inezita Barroso", released by Copacabana in 1961.


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