Milena - Sorriso Aberto (1975)

EMI-Odeon SMOFB-3885-LP

A short time ago I received from our old friend, renowned Brazilian musician Alfredo Del-Penho, a package full of music gathering dust for a decade on my Santa Claus list, consisting mostly of lost 78 RPM recordings by famous singers and an LP by Milena, a lady recently presented to me by friend Rafael Molive.

I am now starting to post it all, beginning with the newest music in the package: Sorriso Aberto by Milena, released in 1975, then moving back in time to the oldest recordings recorded in 1953.

In short: The time machine is in full motion.

Fasten your seat belts and stay tuned to get the gems...

Lado 1

01. Solidão De Madrugada (Romildo / Toninho)
02. Curare (Bororó)
03. Cobra Cainana (João De Aquino / Hermínio Bello De Carvalho)
04. No Morro Da Casa Verde (Adoniran Barbosa)
05. Canto De Pedra Preta (Baden Powell / Vinicius De Moraes)
06. Couro De Gato (Grande Otelo / Rubens Silva / Popó)

Lado 2

07. Soda Com Cinzano (Romildo / Toninho)
08. Sorriso Aberto (Sobrinho Da Mangueira / Rita De Cássia)
09. Eu E A Viola (Ederaldo Gentil)
10. Meu Apelo (Wilson Moreira)
11. Perdão Amor (Christiano Fagundes)

Arranjos De Orquestra, Regência
Maestro José Briamonte

Direção Musical
Maestro José Briamonte


Créditos:  Alfredo Del-Penho


  1. What a marvellous album!! and such a wonderful voice! Thanks to you and Alfredo.Barry aka Violao62! (Stu)

  2. Many thanks, really enjoying her music. Hope to hear more.

  3. Hi Milan and Pedro
    Would you haver Milena's 1979 album by any chance?? Stu

    1. Sorry Stu, unfortunately not, but I have added this album on to my Santa Claus list some time ago. Hopefully it will be found sooner or later.

  4. Ok thanks thats great!
    cheers Stu

    P.S Maybe you could re-up my album HERE when you get a chance!! :-)


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