Stu Blagden - An Englishman in Rio (2014)

Parallel Realities Studio PRS CA 002

A re-post of Stu Blagden's album released by Parallel Realities Studio back in 2014. Great album which has just one problem associated with it: John Preiss who is playing 7 strings guitar alongside with Stu on side 2 has (can't imagine why) copyrighted one track and all re-uploads of this album have so far been sooner or later deleted by Depositfile's copyright check. So here is one more attempt to share it, hoping that dear John's copyright claim has expired in the meantime. Anyway, if you want to enjoy this release, act now, as tomorrow you might be confronted with the tasteless DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY advice instead of a working link.


Time for a Parallel Realities presentation of a contemporary artist: Renowned British guitarist and cavaquinho player Stu Blagden (a frequent visitor of this site) with a selection of Brazilian music, performed mostly during 2010.

Here is a short biography of Stu:

Born in Manchester UK Stu Blagden studied Music at Degree level at The University Of London Goldsmiths College
Nowadays Stu is best known for his work on the Gypsy Jazz, Brazilian and Contemporary Fingerstyle guitar scenes in London. Trained in rock, classical, Brazilian and jazz guitar, Stu is a superbly sensitive musician with a fluid and creative style.
He has toured Argentina with the World Classical Guitar Festival in Argentina, playing alongside Eduardo Fernandez, Roland Dyens Cacho TiraoJaun Falu and other Latin greats. 
Stu has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Brazilian music both popular and erudite.

Here is a selection of Stu's renditions of great Brazilian classic + his own tribute to Hermeto:

Lado A - Stu Blagden guitar:

01. Tristezas De Um Violão (Garoto)
02. Se Ela Perguntar (Dilermando Reis)
03. Chorinho Pra Hermeto (Stu Blagden)
04. Luiza (Tom Jobim)
05. Tristeza (Haraldo Lobo)

Lado B - Stu Blagden cavaquinho &  Jon Preiss 7-string guitar:

06. Diabinho Maluco (Jacob do Bandolim)
07. Confidencias (Ernesto Nazareth)
08. Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha)
19. Folhas Secas (Nelson Cavaquinho)
10. Na Gloria (Raul de Barros)



  1. thnx Stu great share . . .

  2. Thanks Menno and thanks most of all to Milan of course!

  3. Thanks Milan!! I don't know why there is a problem with copyright---i own all rights to this recording -- and i paid for it all! Probably some strange unexplained reason.thanks anyway Stu

    1. I don't know for sure but can only hope that these suspicious deletions will finally stop.


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