Bimba - Morena 1982)

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Friend  Iluvatar Orozimbo has read Augusto Flávio's comment under the previous post, in which he asked for an album by Bimba, a singer previously unknown to me. So, last night I received from Iluvatar a package containing Morena by Bimba (unfortunately, it is not the one Augusto Flávio requested).
As far as I could find out, Bimba has recorded only two career albums. Morena (1982) presented now and Bimba (1980).

01. Potes de Amor (Ronald Pinheiro / Açucena / Papa Kid)
02. Morena (Babal)
03. Candelabro (Irinea Maria / Sueli Correa)
04. Por que Sos (Babal / Chico Rodrigues)
05. Abolerando (Stélio Valle / Adler São Luiz)
06. Chuva de Prata (Ronald Pinheiro / Papa Kid)
07. De Todas As Cores Azuis (Ronald Pinheiro / Jorge Mautner)
08. Vela Presa (Babal / JB Campanholi)
09. Paraíba do Sul (Antonio Adolfo / Climério)
10. Merengue (Remelexo) (Ronald Pinheiro / Papa Kid)
Produção, Arranjos e Direção Musical:  Antônio Adolfo


Inside the package I received, Iluvatar included also a folder with two compositions from the other album by Bimba, which Augusto Flávio requested, but sung by other performers Also the front cover of Bimba's album from 1980 is included:

A2. Coro Massafeira: Água (Jardim do Olhar) (Stélio Valle / Chico Pio / Fausto Nilo) 
B3. Amelinha: Incêndio (Petrúcio Maia / Belchior)

Download it from here:


Créditos: Iluvatar Orozimbo