Nanai e Turma do Sereno - Zé Carioca e Seu Conjunto - Personalidades (1956)


Nanai has made a good impression with his other album Noite de Samba No Nanai (1965) which was posted here two and half years ago.

Searches conducted at that time have revealed the existence of another album featuring this outstanding personality: Personalidades, a 10' Inch LP, shared with another, to me previously unknown artist: Zé Carioca.

I placed this rarity immediately on my Santa Claus list and this morning Santa sent it to us via Pedro & 300discos.

About Nanai and Zé Carioca you may read a text written by Roberto Côrte-Real. His text reveals also a big part of Zé Carioca's real name but unfortunately a few letters are covered so that it looks something like JOSÉ PATRO????O DE OLIVEIRA.
Nanai's real name was revealed to us by Sidney Ferreira shortly after the publication of his '65 album as Arnaldo Humberto de Medeiros.

Lado A - Zé Carioca:

1. Três Estrelinhas (Pixinguinha)
2. Dois Brasileiros Em Tokyo (Oliveira)
3. Dois de Junho (Ângelo Apolônio ''Poly'')
4. Desilusão (Oliveira)

Lado B - Nanai:

5. Teus Olhinhos (Nanai)
6. September Song (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson)
7. Lua Boba (Henrique Simonetti / Nadir Peres)
8. Morro Mas Não Entrego (Haroldo Barbosa)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

JOSÉ CARIOCA'S REAL NAME by Tonto: His real name is José do Patrocínio Oliveira. More about him on Wikipedia.


  1. Wow!! I've been waiting to hear this for years--eternal thanks.Stu

  2. Ha pouco tempo descobri Nanai no youtube, e desde então procurava esse disco, que parece ser raro e único.Gostei da bossa do samba de Nanai para 1956.Obrigado.


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