Carimbo e Sirimbo no Embalo do Pinduca Vol 2 (1974)

Beverly AMCLP 5227

In the autumn of 2013 was the first time I encountered and published in this parallel reality, thanks to Pedro & 300discos a large package of regional music from the north-east of Brazil.

In the autumn of 2016, thanks to Pedro & 300discos, followed another package in which I found also one album by Pinduca.

A short time ago, I had some luck and got some more of his music.
Here is the first one of several which will, hopefully, follow:

01. O Pinto (Pinduca)
02. Vamos Farrear (Pinduca)
03. Ralador (Pinduca / Maria Isabel Pureza)
04. Farinhada (Pinduca)
05. Lobisomem no Quintal (Pinduca / Laércio de Freitas)
06. Comathera do Amor (Pinduca)
07. Sinhá Pureza (Pinduca)
08. Leão Faminto (Pinduca)
09. Pisar no Milho (Tradicional)
10. Mato Cheiroso (Pinduca)
11. Sirimbó do Vovô (Pinduca)
12. Carimbó do Mato (Tradicional)
13. Dormindo e Sonhando (Pinduca)


Créditos: Pampapampa