K-Ximbinho e Seu Conjunto - O Samba de Cartola (1958)

Polydor LPNG 4025

The newest package by Pedro & 300discos, is getting transferred to my PC as I write confronted with a sweet dilemma: Which one of the two albums from my Santa Claus list that are included in the package to post first?

I decided to give priority to the older one, even if the difference in age is just one year.

K-Ximbinho's career album from 1958 which has, as far as I know, never before been presented on the net.
His other career albums, two 78 rpms, as well as several of his participations you may find in another reality.

The list of musicians is prominent:

K-Ximbinho (Clarinete)
August Keller e Hans Breittinger (Oboé)
Luis Barbosa Mendes (Trompete)
Nestor Campos (Guitarra)
Pedro Vidal Ramos (Contrabaixo)
Paulinho (Bateria)
Milton Marçal e Sebastião Barros (Ritmo)
Ari Paulo da Silva (Trompa)
Aderbal Moreira (Sax barítono)
Juarez Araújo (Sax tenor)
Jorge Ferreira da Silva (Sax alto)
Meirelles e Antônio Souza (Flauta)

So is the repertoire:

01. Viva Meu Samba (Billy Blanco)
02. Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos "Bide" / Armando "Marçal")
03. Chove Lá Fora (Tito Madi)
04. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
05. E Eu Sem Maria (Dorival Caymmi / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)
06. A Voz do Morro (Zé Keti)
07. Onde O Céu Azul É Mais Azul (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / Alberto Ribeiro / João de Barro)
08. Se Você Jurar (Ismael Silva / Nilton Bastos / Francisco Alves)
09. Sucedeu Assim (Tom Jobim / Marino Pinto)
10. João Valentão (Dorival Caymmi)
11. Ai Que Saudades da Amélia (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago)
12. Falsa Baiana (Geraldo Pereira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 


  1. Hi, Milan!
    I'm back from my holidays!!!
    Many thanks to you and "Pedro & 300discos" for newest package of good music! It;s really, something magical...
    I think, sax player from Dalton Vogeler album is Isidor Longano, a.k.a. Bolão / Newton Bola.
    As always great music of K-Ximbinho!
    All the best.
    Bossanov P.S. How I can send to you the "Carmen Costa in Mexico" transfer?

    1. I hope you had nice holidays. Bossanov! The package is magical indeed. Stay tuned for the next post later today, it's really sensational...
      You can send me Carmen Costa either by uploading it to any server you like and send me the link, or you can break it in several smaller packages (<20 mb each) and send it by e-mail as attachments to several e-mails.


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