Zezinho e Coro Odeon - Compacto Duplo (1963)

Odeon 7BD-1099 (reissue from another reality)

That I am a fan of Zázinho (the singer) is by now well known to all visitors of this parallel reality, so there is no need to hide my delight after I received
this compacto duplo, in spite of the fact that it had the same problem as the Alda Perdigão EP posted earlier today.
The solution to the problem was also the same: The missing cover had been found in another reality...

The songs are:

1. Segundo Casamento de D. Pedro I (Antonio Alves / Marques Balbino)
2. Tamborim de Ouro (Ary Guarda)
3. O Apito Na Escola de Samba (Billy Blanco)
4. Lá Vem Portela (Billy Blanco)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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