Clarinetinho - Saudoso Toda A Vida (1966)

Fantasia/Philips FLP 2034

Clarinete player Netinho "Clarinete" accompanied by Os Cinco Boêmios for the first time with a career album (his first out of at least four) on Parallel Realities. Up to now he has been presented in this parallel reality only as sideman on various recordings.

My first impression before listening to this album was that Os Cinco Boêmios must be a vocal group, (contrary to Nethinho, they are just mentioned in the text on the back cover) but they are not. Their names are unknown but you may easily find out which instruments they are playing by listening to:

01. Carrossel (Netinho)
02. Alma Em Adoração (D. R.)
03. Nada Além (Custódio Mesquita / Mário Lago)
04. Samba no Escuro (Darci Barbosa)
05. Sertão do Meu Amor (Netinho)
06. Jubiabá (D. R.)
07. Saudoso Toda a Vida (Longe de Minha Terra) (Porfírio Costa)
08. Bamboleio Diferente (Porfírio Costa)
09. Biombo Chinês (Augusto Vasseur)
10. Sambarrumbarey (Ruy Rey / Paulo Villara)
11. Nessa Reta Eu Não Vou (Porfírio Costa)
12. Lembranças do Passado (D. R.)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Poly - Debut (1966)

EPIC BN-26193

Thanks to Stu Blagden, our friend from England, I am able to present a rarity by Poly (famous for his Hawaiian guitar playing) where he plays the classical bossa nova style guitar.

Note that the title Debut does not mean that it is Poly's first album, but it is, I believe, his US debut described on the front cover as The Exciting Premiere of the Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso Poly (released by Epic in 1966?).

Stu could not tell me the names of the musicians backing Poly, but he included the track list together with the names of the composers:

01. Um Punhadinho de Estralas (Mario Albanese)
02. A Brazilian In New York (O. Izar)
03. E Luxo Só (Ary Barroso)
04. O Caminho das Estrelas (Mario Albanese / C. Pereira)
05. Em Meus Braços... A Ilusao (Mario Albanese)
06. Brazilian Summer (M. Vaughan)
07. Sonhando Azul (Mario Albanese / C. Pereira)
08. Maria Ninguem (Carlos Lyra)
09. Canção de Poly (Z. de Mello)
10. Nois Dois e a Tarde (Mario Albanese)
11. Bate Caração (Z. de Mello)
12. Domingo Sentimental (Z. De Mello / Poly)


Créditos: Stu Blagden

SOUND EDIT by Edson Mendes:

There was a problem with the edition of tracks 9 and 10: track 9 is complete but it contains part of track 10, and track 10 is missing its initial part.
So, I fixed this problem and also remastered all tracks, as they had a very long initial silence (for my taste), and also removed some noise from the original long-play: