Silvio Caldas - Cabelos Brancos (1958)

Columbia LPCB 70001

Famous singer Sílvio Caldas for the first time in this parallel reality with one of his first career albums which was already presented on Loronix some 11 years ago.
So, to find out all you wanted to know about Sílvio but were afraid to ask, a good method, especially for this particular release, would be to check out Zeca's words and the highly informative AMG text, all reprinted on Órfãos do Loronix.

To hear how Sílvio Caldas sounds (if you don't already know it) just listen to:

01. Cabelos Brancos (Herivelto Martins / Marino Pinto)
02. Foi Uma Pedra Que Rolou (Pedro Caetano)
03. Saudade de Você (Sílvio Caldas / Billy Blanco)
04. Uma Jura Que Eu Fiz (Ismael Silva / Noel Rosa / Francisco Alves)
05. Chuvas de Verão (Fernando Lobo)
06. Serra da Boa Esperança (Lamartine Babo)
07. Compromisso Com a Saudade (Billy Blanco)
08. Talento Não Tem Idade (Ataulfo Alves)
09. Reverso (Marino Pinto / Gilberto Milfont)
10. Pistom de Gafieira (Billy Blanco)
11. Pastora dos Olhos Castanhos (Horondino Silva "Dino" / Alberto Ribeiro)
12. Quando O Samba Acabou (Noel Rosa)

If you are interested to know who is accompanying him, simply read the text that usually leads to Depositfiles before or after you click on it:


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