Irio De Paula - Saudade do Brasil (1981)

Folkstudio FK 5012

Presenting Irio De Paula for the first time in this parallel reality with a career album released in 1981 which is, as far as I could find out, not listed.
Besides this one there are at least two more (those that I found mentioned on Memoria Musical).
I have no idea which instrument Irio De Paula is playing, but I am pretty sure that he is not backed by anyone else while performing these 11 tracks out of which he is the author of two:

01. Deve ser Amor (B. Powell)
02. Ponteio (E. Lobo)
03. Rosa Morena (D. Caymmi)
04. Nordeste (I. De Paula)
05. Odeon (Nazareth)
06. Upa Neguinho (E. Lobo)
07. Tudo de Transformou (P. Daviola)
08. Samba em Preludio (De Moraes / B. Powell)
09. Sambou Sambou (J. Donato / J. Bosco)
10. Eva (I. De Paula)
11. A Felicidade (Jobim / De Moraes)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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