Os Craques da Musica - E Uma Brasa Para Dancar Vol. 4 (1968)

Chantecler CMG 2487

Zézinho's Os Craques da Música with the fourth volume of of this series of four, out of which we had (in another reality) already presented volumes 1 and 2, which leaves us with only volume 3 yet unearthed.

At the time of the release, he Craques consisted of:

Zézinho: Piano, Órgão, Claviata, Arranjos
Juarez / Bolão: Sax-TEnor, Clarineta
Antônio Ceccato: Trombodn
Drausio Chaga: Baixo, Tuba, Bombardino
Boneca / Miranda / Poly: Guitarras
Gerson: Contrabaixo Eletrônico
Escurinho: Tumbadora
Edilson: Bateria


01. Pata Pata / Malaysha (Makeba / Ragovoy)
02. Lonely (Sebastian)
03. Cuando Sali De Cuba (Luis Aguile)
04. Love Is Blue (A. Popp / P. Cour)
      Summer Rain (Jim Hendricks)
05. Massachusets (B. R. & M. Gibb)
      Prá Nunca Mais Chorar (Eduardo Araujo / Carlos Imperial)
06. Honey (B. Russel)
      The Dock Of The Bay (S. Cropper / O. Redding)
07. Mrs. Robinson (Simon) 
      Do You Know The Way To San Jose (B. Bacharach / H. David)
08. San Francisco Nights (Burdon / Briggs / Welder /Jenkins / McCulloch)
      A Chuva Que Cai (Mogol / B. Lind)
09. Woman, Woman (J. Glaser / J. Payne)
      Daydream Believer (J. Stewart)
10. Hello Goodbuye (J. Lennon / Paul McCartney)
      Quando M'Inamoro (Pace / Panzeri / Livraghi)
11. Beware Of The Dog (C. Powell)
12. Perto Dos Olhos, Longe do Coração (Marcos Roberto / Dori Edson)
      A Pobreza (Renato Barros)

A short text about this release, written by João Borges, can be found on the back cover


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


  1. Congratulations on the blog. Every day I come in to download these beautiful albums. You would have volumes 01 and 02 of this collection

    1. The Volumes 1 and 2 are on this page with working links:


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