Claudio Marcelo e Seu Orgao - Dance Suavemente (N/D)

Paladium 7 024

This is the third career album by organ player Cláudio Marcelo posted on Parallel Realities. As it is unlisted, I performed a quick search about Cláudio...

The results were shocking!

Not that a false name in Brazilian discography can shock me but the number of aliases under which Ed Linkoln has recorded his music comes close, or even surpasses the numerous aliases of João Leal Brito, so far considered as the absolute false name champion.
Here are just a few of Ed Lincoln's false names:  
Don Pablo de Havana, Les 4 Cadillacs, Berry Benton, Cláudio Marcello, Muchacho nas Bocas, Ed Costa Musicshow, Ed Kennedy, John Marcel,..

However incredible it may sound, Ed  Lincoln had also a real name:
Eduardo Lincoln Barbosa de Sabóia.

Here are also real names of compositions performed on this album:

01. Drink na Praia (Luis Antônio / Gilberto Panicali)
02. People (J. Styne / B. Merrill)
03. And I Love Her (Lennon / McCartney)
04. Nature Boy (Edenahbez)
05. Fio de Esperança (Victor Young)
06. Preciso aprender a ser só (Marcos Valle / Paulo S. Valle)
07. Não quero Você triste (Roberto Carlos / E. Carlos)
08. The Shadow of Your Smile (Sandpiper) (Adeus de Ilusões) (P. F. Webster / Johnny Mandel)
09. Adventures in Paradise (Lionel Neuman)
10. Naked City (Cidae Nua) (Billy May)
11. Limelight (Luzes da Ribalta) (Charles Chaplin)
12. Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (Jerrald Goldsmith / Pete Rugolo) (Dr. Kildare)

According to unconfirmed rumors, he had signed some of his works as:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


  1. Este é o unico album gravado por Ed Lincol com Pseudomino de Claudio Marcelo, os outros não foram o Ed Lincol.


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