Severino Filho, Seu Coral e Sua Orquestra - Rio de Janeiro, Gosto de Voce Vol. 2 (1960)

Polydor LPNG 4062

Looking out of the window and enjoying the frozen Belgrade streets scenery with temperatures deeply below zero and without any sign that they might rise soon, I can clearly understand why Severino Filho likes Rio de Janeiro.
I also can not avoid shivering when imagining the the young, lightly dressed lady on the front cover in Belgrade this winter.

Anyway, warming up is possible for all by listening to:

01. Não Tenho Lágrimas (Max Bulhões / Milton de Oliveira)
02. Marimba (Agustín Lara)
03. Leblon (Alberto Paz / Severino Filho)
04. My Melancholic Baby (E. Burnet / G. A. Norton / Maybelle / E. Watson)
05. Luar de Paquetá (Freire Júnior / Hermes Fontes)
06. Lover (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart)
07. Cidade de São Sebastião (Wilson Batista / Antônio Nássara)
08. Singin' In The Rain (Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed)
09. Meu Rio de Janeiro (Oscar Bellandi / Nelson Trigueiro)
10. Carioca 1954 (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria)
11. Maracanã (Severino Filho)
12. Noites do Rio (José Maria de Abreu / Alberto Ribeiro)

About this release I can not tell you anything that you don't already know, but Jason Fonseca can do it, so you may choose to read his text which is printed on the back cover.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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