Arnaldo Meirelles, Sua Harmonica e Seu Conjunto - Nao Me Sais do Pensamento (1959)

RCA Victor BBL 1029

Harmônica player Arnaldo Meirelles has recorded over 40 78 rpm albums during the period from 1931 to 1956, but only this one career album with which he is presented today on Parallel Realities.

As you might have guessed, this is also my first encounter with Arnaldo Meirelles and it means that I could tell you only what I just read about him in the back cover text which is, instead of the usual second hand testimonies, this time written by Arnaldo himself and about himself he knows probably more than most people know about him.

In short: We have the pleasure of enjoying Arnaldo Meirelles' textual and musical presentation of himself.

The musical presentation consists of:

01. Não Me Sais do Pensamento (Arnaldo Meirelles / Moacir Braga) com Arnaldo Meirelles / Mariano da Silva
02. Faz Que Vai Mas Não Vai (Arnaldo Meirelles)
03. Cruzeiro (Arnaldo Meirelles)
04. É de Se Tirar o Chapéu (Arnaldo Meirelles)
05. Cascata de Lágrimas (Moacir Braga)
06. Sob o Céu do Brasil (Arnaldo Meirelles)
07. Rosinha (Moacir Braga)
08. Edy (Arnaldo Meirelles)
09. Tomando Quentão (Arnaldo Meirelles / João Pacífico) com Coro
10. O Sol Nasceu Pra Mim (Arnaldo Meirelles / Moacir Braga) com Arnaldo Meirelles / Mariano da Silva
11. Meu Bem Querê (João Pacífico / Arnaldo Meirelles) com Coro
12. Hino dos Rádio-amadores (Arnaldo Meirelles / A. Tambellini / O. F. Monteiro) com Coro


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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