Lana Bittencourt - 78rpms for Todamerica (1954)

This collection of 78 rpm records was posted in this parallel reality on the 11.6.2016. At the time the side B of the Todamérica - TA-5.498 (1954) was missing: Babau (Caribé da Rocha). 

A few minutes ago I received by mail this track from friend Samuel Machado Filho.

Instead of just replacing the link I have decided to move the complete up front, now edited and complete:

The original post from 6.11.2016:

A short time ago I received a package with Lana Bittencourt's rarities, sent to us by João Carlos Telis.

Here is Lana's complete opus for Todamérica, except for one missing track, side B from the third 78rpm:

Todamérica - TA-5.409 (1954):
1. Samba Da Noite (Wilton Franco / Luis Fernand) Samba
2. Emoção (Emmanuel Gitahy / Wilson Preiera) Samba   
Todamérica - TA-5.444 (1954):
3. Regeneração (César Siqueira) Samba
4. Nasci Pra Você (Peterpan) Samba
Todamérica - TA-5.498 (1954):
5. Rouxinol (Luis Antônio) Marcha-hino
6. Babau (Caribé da Rocha) Samba

TODAMERICA Now complete

Créditos: João Carlos Telis / Samuel Machado Filho

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