Duo Guaruja (1957)

Continental LPP 50

Although the vocal Duo Guarujá has been featured in this parallel reality on several Carnaval albums, this can be comfortably considered as their premiere, as this is their first career album and first album to be posted here (a 10' Lp).

The Duo consists of Armando Argentoni and Manilce Lalli, a couple married in art as well as in real life, to quote Carlos Américo, the writer of the linear notes, in which you may find more information about them then on this site.

Here you may just find them accompanied by Rafael Puglielli e Sua Orquestra. performing:

1. História De Um Amor (Historia De Un Amor) (Carlos Almarán / Vrs. Edson Borges) Bolero
2. A Que Se Foi (La Que Se Fué) (José Alfredo Giménez / Vrs. Juraci Rago) Valsa-rancheira
3. Ciúmes (Jaime Janeiro) Bolero
4. Falam De Mim (jusgan Mi Vida) (Angel Gutierrez Méndez / Vrs. Serafim Costa Almeida) Valsa-rancheira
5. Que Murmurem (Que Murmuren) (Rubén Fuentes / Rafael Cardenas / Vrs. Gióia Júnior) Bolero
6. Eu (Yo) (José Alfredo Jiménez / Vrs. Juraci Rago) Canção-rancheira
7. Não Quero Que Ela Saiba (Gino Cortopassi) Bolero
8. Punhalada (puñalada Trapera) (Tomás Mendez / Vrs. Juraci Rago) Valsa-rancheira


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos  

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