Luis Alberto Fleitas - Tango, Amor e Penumbra (1957)


Presenting Luis Alberto Fleitas, composer and singer from Uruguay with his first (out of at least four) career album, a 10' Lp, accompanied by the Típica RGE directed by another Uruguayan: Maestro Pocho.
More about Luis one may read on the back cover text written by Jacob Rosemblatt.

The songs are:

1. Sentimento Gaúcho (R. Canaro / Francisco Canaro / Vrs. Armando Louzada)
2. Reina De Mis Sueños (Luis Alberto Fleitas)
3. Tu Corazon (D. Racciatti / Enrique Soriano)
4. Un Tango Para Mi Vieja (Yiso / Alessio)
5. Cantando (Mercedes Simone)
6. Ouça (Mi Soledad) (Maysa / Vrs. Luis Alberto Fleitas)
7. Plegaria (Eduardo Bianco)
8. Yo Tengo Alma de Tango (Luis Alberto Fleitas)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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