Mario Augusto - Alegria e Romance (1963)

Copacabana CLP 11295

Singer Mário Augusto's only (?) career album is his gala premiere on Parallel Realities as one of two male singers found in the current package sent to us by Pedro & 300discos.
Actually he has been featured before but only as one of various artists singing on two Carnaval albums.
More about him you may read in a text by Mauro Damotta which is printed on the back cover.

Production is by Altamiro Carrilho while arrangements are by Maestros Pachequinho and Guaraná.

The compositions (half of which are composed by Oiram Santos) are:

01. Aqui Estou Eu (Baseado Em Tema de Bizet) (Oiram Santos / Luis Mariozzi)
02. Teus Olhos Divinais (Oiram Santos / João Magalhães)
03. Ai Me Apaixonei (Oiram Santos)
04. Criatura Querida (Oiram Santos / Oscar Macedo)
05. Normalista (Benedito Lacerda / David Nasser)
06. É Você Que Pensa (José Saccomani / Oiram Santos)
07. Foi Alguém (Baby Santiago / Oscar Macedo)
08. Falam de Nós (Miguel Ângelo / Osvaldo Cruz)
09. Eu Te Amo Viu (Oiram Santos)
10. Balada de Quem Ficou Só (Gilberto Garcia)
11. Palavra Triste (Oiram Santos / Oscar Macedo)
12. Minha Caraboo (Alfredo Albuquerque / Sam Marshall)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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