Conjunto de Sergio Carvalho - Ritmo, Danca e Alegria (1968)

Philips P 632.918 L

The Loronix copy of this album has been re-posted in another reality several years ago and the link has expired in the meantime.
Here it is again, this time with transfers and cover scans by Pedro and (no surprise here) you may read Zeca's text about it reprinted on Órfãos do Loronix.

Be happy while dancing to:

1. Canzone Per Te (Sergio Endrigo / Sergio Bardotti)
    Adieu a La Nuit (Maurice Jarre)

2. L'amour Est Bleu (Love Is Blue) (André Popp / Pierre Cour)

3. The Look Of Love (Burt Bacharach / Hal David)
    San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) (John Phillips)
    O Homem Proibido (Lyrio Panicali / Joluz)
    Malayisha (Miriam Makeba / Jerry Ragovoy)

4. Pata Pata (Miriam Makeba / Jerry Ragovoy)
    Suck Un Up (Kui Lee)
    Alegria, Alegria (Caetano Veloso)

5. Ponteio (Edu Lobo / Capinan)
    Até Quarta-Feira (Paulo Sette / Umberto Silva)
    Noite dos Mascarados (Chico Buarque)
    Amor de Carnaval (Zé Keti)
    Triste Madrugada (Jorge Costa)
    Voltei (Oswaldo Nunes / Celso Castro)
    Você Voltou (Beto / Fernando Luz / Oldemar Magalhães)
    Gana (E. Wilkins)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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