Jair Pimentel - Pintado O 7 (1960)

Mocambo LP 40027

The last, on Parallel Realities so far missing album (?) by Jair Pimentel, featuring 11 of his own compositions + 1 by Lourival Oliveira. has been brought to light:

01. Pintando o Sete (Jair Pimentel)
02. Fogo na Roupa (Jair Pimentel)
03. Alice (Jair Pimentel)
04. Zé Fogueteiro (Jair Pimentel)
05. Flauteando Com o Cavaquinho (Jair Pimentel)
06. Carnavá na Roça (Lourival Oliveira)
07. Saudades de Garanhuns (Jair Pimentel)
08. Rita no Baião (Jair Pimentel)
09. Ethel (Jair Pimentel)
10. Rio 52-1067 (Jair Pimentel)
11. Bicha de Rodeio (Jair Pimentel)
12. Zaíra (Jair Pimentel)

JAIR 007

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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