Jair Pimentel e Sua Bossa em Chorinhos e Boleros (1966)

Mocambo LP 40292

Clarinet, sax and flute player Jair Pimentel, presented already with his first Lp (a 10') on Parallel Realities, arrives tonight with his third career album (out of four, if my information gathered from the net is correct).

About his life and career I strongly advise you to update your knowledge from the back cover text, written by Marcelo Santos, rather than to wait that I retell all parts I (miss)understood, as it is, as you have probably guessed, written in Portuguese.

I will just inform you that the arrangements and direction of the compositions listed below and mostly composed by Jair himself, have been done by maestro Nelson Ferreira:

01. Sonoroso (Jair Pimentel)
02. Saudades de Valdemar Lacerda (Jair Pimentel)
03. Saudades de Alagoas (Jair Pimentel)
04. Adilia Neusa (Jair Pimentel)
05. Minha Vida É Um Pagode (Jair Pimentel)
06. Sonhando Com Você (Jair Pimentel)
07. O Preço de Uma Vida (Erlon Chaves / Romeo Nunes)
08. Minha Vida É Você (Jair Pimentel)
09. Estrellita (Manuel Ponce)
10. Recordar É Sofrer (Nelson Ferreira)
11. Vivo na Solidão (Neusa Lino / Aloísio Morais)
12. Agustin Lara o Inesquecível  (Agustín Lara)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos