Leoncio - Da-me Tuas Mao

Musicolor MLP-9.088

Piston player Leoncio Mendes is a musician who was completely unknown to me until I fished his Lp out of the current package sent to us by Pedro & 300discos, read the track list on the back cover, noticed all four advertisements for other releases by MusiColor and found the following sensational facts:

1. Leoncio Mendes plays piston and is accompanied by orchestra
2. The compositions performed are classified as Boleros
3. Artistic direction is by Diogo Mulero (Palmeira)

I must also confess that all net searches failed miserably

Luckily, listening to the compositions was helpful:

01. Crucificado (Francisco Yoni / Edmundo Arias)
02. Um Cantinho Para Dois (Daniel Magalhães / José F. M. de Assis)
03. Eu... Te Amo (Paulo Augusto / Archimedes Messina)
04. Sem Querer (Alvaro Dalmar)
05. Castigo (Edmuno Arias / Francisco Yoni)
06. Esperanza (R. Cabrera)
07. Caminho Escuro (W. S. Ruiz)
08. Ninguem No Coração (Daniel Magalhães / Cid Magalhães)
09. Prieiro Amor (Um Premier Amour) (Claude Henri Vic / Roland Valade)
10. Fome de Amor (Hambre de Amor) (O. Garcia Escobar)
11. Poema (Fernando Dias)
12. Dilema (Rei Santos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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