Sao Paolo Dixieland Band - Homenagem a Robert (1976)

Phonodisc 0.30.404.023

São Paolo Dixieland Band, which I wrongly accused of having just one career album while posting this only career album, fortunately have proven me wrong.

Another one of my "Caught in ignorance again" episodes, so often re run in this parallel reality program.

Although not listed, there it mysteriously appeared out of the Pedro & 300discos package and Saturday evening is quite suitable to enjoy their music, especially at a party.

Party or not, make it a party with:

01. Royal Garden Blues (Clarence & Spencer Williams)
02. Mama's gone (Bocage / Piron)
03. I want a big Butter and Eggman (Venable / Armstrong)
04. Black and white Rag (Botsford)
05. Indiana (Hanley / Ballard / McDonald)
06. At The Jazzband Ball (La Rocca / Shields)
07. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie / Pinkard / Casey)
08. Limehouse Blues (Braham /Furber)
09. I ain't gonna give nobody none of this Jelly Roll (Clarence & Spencer Williams)
10. Everybody loves my Baby (Palmer Williams)
11. Someday You'll be sorry (Armstrong)
12. Coney Island Washboard (Durand / Adams / Nestor / Shugart)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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