A Virgem de Saint Tropez - O.S.T (1974)

Fermata 303.1008

There were lots of soundtracks of various movies presented on Parallel Realities and they have one thing in common: I have not seen them.
The same goes also for A Virgem de Saint Tropez, which is unusual, as at that time (1974), I went into every cinema that was showing a movie with a poster displaying similar motives as this one.
The probable reason i missed it is that it was not distributed in former Yugoslavia.

Anyway, here are some facts about the movie:

A film by Sigmund Sulistrowski
Music by Hareton Salvanini and Beto Ruschel
Orchestra under the direction of Hareton Salvanini
Starring Annie Frietmann

The compositions:

01. You Can't Run Away From Your Destiny (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel / Z. Sulistrowski) Edu França
02. Espairecendo (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
04. São Paulo (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
05. Panorama (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
06. Amazonia (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
07. Saint Tropez (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
08. Quarto de Hotel (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
09. Copacabana Rock (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
10. Dois e O Mar (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
11. Persguição (Ayrton Salvanini)
12. Seios (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
13. Despedida (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)
14. Não Podes Fugir do Teu Destino (H. Salvaninin / B. Ruschel)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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