Tico-Tico No Galho Seco (1963)

Copacabana CLP 11301

Cavaquinho player and composer Tico-Tico has his premiere on Parallel Realities with his only career album, recorded in 1963. As far as I could find out his discography consists, besides the LP presented, of an collaboration album with Altamiro Carilho recorded at an unknown date and two 78 rpms.

A quite long and informative text, written by Sérgio Malta, can be read on the back cover, while the rendition of these compositions can be enjoyed after the download finishes:

01. A Moçada No Samba (Tico-Tico)
02. Tragédia de Bolso (Tico-Tico)
03. Orgulhosa (Tico-Tico)
04. Cavaquinho Transviado (Tico-Tico)
05. Teus Olhos (Tico-Tico)
06. Venina (Tico-Tico)
07. Marlene (Tico-Tico)
08. Na Corda Bamba (Tico-Tico / Altamiro Carrilho)
09. Harmonioso (Tico-Tico)
10. Dezoito Por Vinte E Quatro (18 X 24) (Altamiro Carrilho / Tico-Tico)
11. Desiludido (Tico-Tico)
12. Doidinho (Benedito Lacerda)



P.S. On Orquestra Copacabana - Nos Bailes da Minha Juventude (1961) presented here, the banjo player is credited as Tico-Tico. If it is the same one, I do not know, but his friend Altamiro Carilho is in charge of the studio direction, so this might be taken as an indice.

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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  1. This is wonderful and inspiring stuff--i remain amazed at the seemingly endless obscure treasures of Brazilian music.


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