Waldir Calmon e Seu Conjunto - Cha Dancante (1956)

Copacabana CLP 3033

The third album for today is a Loronx re-post of the 10' LP which was presented in another reality in it's LP version with 4 additional tracks.

I am using this opportunity to inform you that all expired links leading to Waldir Calmon's albums in another reality have been re-newed, except for those that were removed from server for copyright reasons where I added the cynical DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY advice.

1. Aimer Comme Je T'aime (Hubert Giraud)
    Hold My Hand (Jack Lawrence / Richard Myers)
    Luna Rossa (A. Avian / V. de Crescenzo)
    Amendoim Torradinho (Henrique Beltrão)
    Samba no Perroquet (Djalma Ferreira)
2. Caribbean Moon (T. Beaulieu / D. Love)
3. Love Me Or Leave Me (Walter Donaldson / Gus Kahn)
4. Blem Blem Blem (Eddie Mandarino)
5. Hernando's Hideaway (R. Adler / J. Ros)


Créditos: Zecalouro


  1. Olá. Sou de Portugal e gostaria de saber se pode ajudar a obter uma informação sobre uma canção do Waldir Calmon de 1959 " FEITO PARA DANÇAR Nº 12 " . Obrigado Carlos Botelho

    1. Please tell me exactly which information do you need.
      If I know I will help you.


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