Boneca - Um Show do Boneca (1964)

Continental PPL 12125

Multi instrumentalist Luiz de Andrade or Boneca has his solo premiere on Parallel Realities with his second album out of, as far as I could find out, altogether two.

Note that he was already featured in this parallel reality with two compositions on the various artists compilation album Discoteca Dancante No 3.

Tha back cover text about Boneca, the participants on this album as well as about each of the tracks is informative indeed and I suggest reading it.

Below is a quote from this text, explaining Boneca's art in just one short question:

Boneca - Gênio ou louco?

Answer the question yourself after listening to:

01. They Met In Rio (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)
02. Kon-nichi Wa Arachan (H. Nakamura / Rohusuke)
03. Rhythm Of The Rain (John Grummoe)
04. Acapulco (Schobbem)
05. The Kigh Life (O Boa Vida) (J. Schwartz)
06. Bigorrilho (Sebastião Gomes / Paquito / Romeu Gentil)
07. Pimentão (Tradicional)
08. Tamborito Panameño (Anderle / Bebe Jr.H. Li)
09. Damasco (D. R.)
10. Vamos Maruca (Tradicional)
11. Quem Sabe (Luis de Andrade "Boneca")
12. Bigode de Arame (Ângelo Apolônio ''Poly")

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  1. oh, there is Luiz Eca in this present ;)

  2. Hi, Milan!
    Nice to see you!
    This file is 1956 Um Piano Na Madrugada!
    So you question about Boneca still unanswered...
    All the best LB

    1. Oooooops!
      I pasted the wrong link. Thanks friends for pointing it out. Obviously, Luiz Eca stands in line to be published next,...
      I corrected the link now.


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