Paulo Tito - Balanco (1977)

Tapecar TC.092

Another guitar rarity from Stu's collection: Paulo Tito's second career album (out of altogether two).

The complete cast is:

Paulo Tito - guitar and vocal
Wilson Das Neves - Bateria
Adilson - Ritmo
Copinha - Flauta

The compositions are:

01. Olhos Nos Olhos (Chico Buarque)
02. Show de Balanço (Paulo Tito)
03. Favela (Roberto Martins / Waldemar Silva)
04. Manhã de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfá / Antônio Maria)
05. Pranto Livre (Dida / Everaldo da Viola)
06. O Dia de Amanhã (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
07. Malandro (Jorge Aragão / Jotabê)
08. Gente Humilde (Garoto / Vinicius de Moraes / Chico Buarque)
09. Curare (Bororó)
10. Zelão (Sérgio Ricardo)
11. Último Desejo (Noel Rosa)
12. Juramento Falso (J. Cascata / Leonel Azevedo)


Créditos: Stu Blagden


  1. hi there Milan
    thanks for the rarities you share here.
    some of them are so rare it seems like they are made up albums by artists from a parallel reality indeed.
    I enjoyed Tito's record but you think Stu has the full track 8? Gente Humilde is cut short, the poor.
    thanks again and keep up the good work.

    1. I'll ask Stu to send me the complete track.


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