Piano Brasileiro (1958)

Audiola/Musidisc A-200.018

A thematic LP devoted to Brazilian piano, divided, by sides A / B between two great piano players: Gadé, performing together with drummer Walfrido Silva on side A and Joe Pernambuco, accompanied by an uncredited rhythm section on side B.

This release is actually a re edition of two 10' long plays: Gafiera by Gadé and Walfrido Silva (1956) Musidisc M-045 and Joe Pernambuco's Parada de Sambas (1956) Musidisc DL-1019.

About Gadé, Walfrido and Joe, you may read a text on the back cover written by Sebastião Fonseca (who knows more about them than I do).

An opinion about their music you may form by listening to:

Lado A:

01. Meu Consolo (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
02. Perdi a Aposta (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
03. O Feitiço Virou (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
04. Vai Cavar a Nota (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
05. Tudo Agora É Sonho (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
06. Cem Anos De Perdão (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
07. Vou Casar no Uruguai (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva
08. Na Cadência do Tambor (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) Gadé / Walfrido Silva

Lado B:

09. Madalena (Ari Macedo / Airton Amorim) Joe Pernambuco
10. O Orvalho Vem Caindo (Noel Rosa / Kid Pepe) Joe Pernambuco
11. Policronia Brasileira (Ainda Sem Compositor) Joe Pernambuco
12. Despedida de Mangueira (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral) Joe Pernambuco
13. Exaltação À Mangueira (Enéas Brites da Silva / Aloísio Augusto da Costa) Joe Pernambuco
14. Juro (Haroldo Lobo / Milton de Oliveira) Joe Pernambuco
15. Chora Cavaquinho (Valdemar de Abreu "Dunga") Joe Pernambuco
16. A Voz do Morro (Zé Keti) Joe Pernambuco

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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