J. Rocha - 10' LP (1956)

Mocambo LP 10012

About José Magalhães Rocha or J.Rocha and his artistic career an informative text has been printed on the back cover, and the front cover shows the instruments he plays, so there is not much that I dare to add, mainly because he is an artist previously completely unknown to me.

Accompanied by his conjunto he is performing:

01. Mexe Mexe (J. Rocha)
02. Eliana (J. Rocha)
03. Midnight Masquerade (Bierman / Berman / Manus)
04. Czardas de Monti (arranjo de J. Rocha)
05. Dança do Machucado (J. Rocha / J. Ferreira)
06. Saudoso (J. Rocha)
07. Mister Sandman (Pat Ballard)
08. Capricho (J. Menezes)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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