Aloysio Figueiredo - Sonhando com Voce (1957)

Copacabana CLP 11009

I am making an intermezzo in the Trio Surdina 10' series with two re-posts from Loronix in which Aloysio Figueiredo is involved. About Aloysio and this release you may read Zeca's text reprinted on Órfãos do Loronix.

Here are just the tracks:

01. Sonhando Com Você (Aloysio Figueiredo / Nelson Figueiredo / Moacir Peixoto)
02. Me Lo Dijo Adela (Otilio Portal)
03. Without Mу Lover (M. Рhiliррe Gerard / Вernard Miсhel / Рierre Guitton)
04. Venezuela (A. Corenzo / E. Franssen / J. Stevens)
05. Soy Un Estraño (Gonzalo Curiel)
06. Mi Último Fracaso (Alfredo Gil)
07. Only You (Вuсk Ram / Ande Rand)
08. Ave-Maria (Vicente Paiva / Jaime Redondo)
09. Fui Eu (Aloysio Figueiredo / Nelson Figueiredo)
10. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans)
11. Evocação (Nelson Ferreira)
12. Uma Loura (Hervé Cordovil)


Créditos: Zecalouro

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