Angela Maria - O Samba Vem La de Cima (1966)

Copacabana CLP 11490

Ângela Maria was featured in the other reality with, as far as I know, all of her career albums except for those that were available on other sites. On the other hand, in this reality not one has been published.
The reason for this is that a great part of her discography is lately available in shops or online and many of her songs are copyright protected.

I have just tried to upload two of her more obscure recordings and so far Depositfile's automatic digital fingerprint check has not deleted either of them.

No guaranties that it won't happen later though...

So be quick if you are planning to enjoy these sambas:

01. Fogo no Morro (Monsueto / José Batista) - com Monsueto
02. Madrugada (Zé Keti)
03. Janela (Jota Júnior)
04. Saudade (Paulo Filho / Nilo Viana / Roberto Nunes)
05. Boêmio na Calçada (Rubens Campos / Waldemar Silva)
06. Minha Saudade (Raul Sampaio / Benil Santos)
07. Menina Quem Foi Seu Mestre (Erasmo Silva)
08. Palmas no Portão (Walter Dionisio / D'Acri Luis)
09. Prece a Um Anjo de Cor (Carlos Cruz / Fernando César)
10. João Ninguém (A. Maciel / F. Martins)
11. Agora Sei (Laurindo do Cabuçu / José Garcia)
12. Aquele Meu Lugar (Raul Marques / Monsueto / Estanislau Silva)


Créditos: José Serafim / ripped by Ademar

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  1. Nothing gives me so much pleasure as an old 50's 60's Samba album to listen to.Thanks Milan,


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