Paulo Moura - Rio Nocturnes (1992)

Messidor / Continental CD 3.35.800.043

Recorded in Germany by Messidor featuring German musicians except for Jorge Degas who plays bas.

The compositions presented are:

01. Guadeloupe (Paulo Moura)
02. Capricórnio (Wolfgang Loos)
03. Rio Nocturne (Paulo Moura / Maria Vasco)
04. Baleias (Michael Rodach)
05. Jumento Elegante (Michael Rodach)
06. Barbara's Vatapa (Andreas Weiser / Jorge Degas)
07. Sereia Do Leblon (Alex Meireles)
08. Mulatas, Etc E Tal (Paulo Moura)
09. Tumbalele (Paulo Moura / Wagner Tiso)
10. Concierto Brasitalian (Johann Sebastian Bach / Adpt. Wolfgang Loos)
11. Tarde de Chuva (Paulo Moura)
12. Casamento Em Xaxei (Jorge Degas / Andreas Weiser)


Créditos: João Pacifico

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