Dick Farney - Dick Farney Apresenta a Sua Orquestra no Auditorio de O Globo (1962)

RGE USLP 500003

01. Lover (Hart / Rodgers)
02. Artistry In Rhythm (S. Kenton)
03. My Funny Valentine (R. Rodgers / L. Hart) – with Leny Andrade
04. When Your Love Has Gone (E. A. Swan) – with Leny Andrade
05. It’s Wonderful (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin) – with Leny Andrade
06. I Hear Music (B. Lane / F. Loeser)
07. Tea For Two (V. Youmans / I. Caezar)
08. Lady Is a Tramp (L. Hart / R. Rodgers)
09. The Beat (H. Vernon)
10. Swing Agora (H. Vernon)
11. Lover (Hart / Rodgers)


Creditos: Michel Sosnin

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