Moacir Santos - Carnival of the Spirits (1975)

Blue Note (USA) BN-LA 463

Maestro Moacir Santos for the first time on Parallel Realities with a career album:

Composing and performing:

1. Quiet Carnival (Moacir Santos / Mike Campbell)
2. Jequié (Moacir Santos)
3. Kamba (Moacir Santos)
4. Sampaguita (Graham Dee / Jack Keller / Lora Kaye)
5. Coisa Nº 2 (Moacir Santos)
6. Tomorrow Is Mine (Moacir Santos / Mike Campbell)
7. Route (Moacir Santos)
8. Anon (Moacir Santos)


Créditos: Davideleo

1 comment:

  1. Track 4 was written by my old amigo from London Graham Dee--Graham used to dep for Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin!!


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