The Jordans - A Vida sorri assim!... (1963)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40046

The Jordans have been already featured in this parallel reality but under another name: Aladdin Band, on an extra project album released in 1968.

As Antonio Aguillar has written a competent text about The Jordans which can be found on the back cover, I will just notice here that the photograph on the front cover perfectly describes the feeling and manner of these songs:

01. Bulldog (George Tomsco)
02. O Vôo da Abelha (Adpt. Aladin)
03. Kili Watch (G. Dersé / S. Mahr)
04. Twist Watch (Jimmy Torres)
05. Night Train (Forrest / Simpkins / Washington)
06. Hot Pepper (F. Cramer)
07. Ginchy (Weedon)
08. Boudha (Guy Dova / Bob Drean)
09. Happy José (N. Walkin / J. Gonzales)
10. Fugitive (Smith)
11. Suzane (Aguilar / Aladdin)
12. Change Your Mind (Mingo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Orlando Silveira e Seu Conjunto - Valsas Inesqueciveis de Gastao Lamounier (1956)

Odeon MODB 3036

A short time ago the first career album (10') of Orlando Silveira appeared in this parallel reality. Today I have the pleasure to present his second album, also a 10', as tribute to the music of Gastão Lamounier.

The compositions are:

1. E O Destino Desfolhou (Gastão Lamounier / Mário Rossi)
2. Há Um Segredo Em Teus Cabelos (Gastão Lamounier / Osvaldo Santiago)
3. A Valsa do Meu Amor (Gastão Lamounier / Paulo Gustavo)
4. Só Nós Dois (Gastão Lamounier / Anuar Jorge)
5. Arrependimento (Gastão Lamounier / Olegário Mariano)
6. Como És Linda Sorrindo (Gastão Lamounier / Mário Rossi)
7. Assim Acaba Um Grande Amor (Gastão Lamounier / Mário Rossi)
8. Não Tardes (Gastão Lamounier / Domingos Barbosa)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos