Ze de Elias - La Vai Fogo (1974)

Tropicana/CBS 01308

Not that I have any more information about our new acquaintance Zé de Elias who was presented a short time ago, but a dilemma if that was his only career album or not is now resolved.

At least one more LP exists and it is presented today. It was released one year prior to Não Brinque Comigo also for Tropicana and also under the artistic direction of Pedro Sertanejo.

The compositions are:

01. Estraga Zapato (Zé de Elias / Zé Ozano)
02. Orgulhoso (Zé de Elias / Zito Borborema)
03. Lá Vai Fogo (Zé de Elias) 
04. Fórrô No Agreste (Zé de Elias / Zito Borborema)
05. Carne de Bacalau (Zé de Elias) 
06. Baião Dengoso (Zé de Elias)
07. Recordando Curraes Novos (Zé de Elias) 
08. Carne de Carcará (Zé de Elias)
09. Quinze de Janeiro (Zé de Elias)
10. Balançando O Cacho (Zé de Elias)
11. Lá Vai Eu (Manoel Sobrinho)  
12. Xote Nordestino (Zé de Elias)

ZÉ '74

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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