Dircinha Costa (1956)

Columbia LPCB 35012

Another unexpected opportunity to present a female singer previously unknown to me:

Dircinha Costa's first career album, a 10' collection of songs previously released as 78 rpm.

Beside this one, Dircinha has released another 10' Lp one year later, but that is another story and will, hopefully, be told another time.

Her real name is Maria José Pereira da Silva, her discography spans the period from 1952 to 1964 and consists of (at least) 2 10' Lps, 19 78 rpm albums and a compacto duplo,

A detailed, unsigned, text about her career and art may be found on the back cover.

01. À Luz Da Lua Prateada (Ferreira Gomes / Ed Amdden / Gus Edwards)
02. Deixa-me Ir Amor (Let Me Go Lover) (All Hill / Jenny Lou Carson)
03. Mal de Amor (Autor Desconhecido) OBS: Letra de Édson Borges
04. É O Amore (that's Amore) (Harry Warren / Jack Brooks)
05. Como Isto É Bom (The Velvet Glove) (Harold Spina)
06. Eu Quero É Casar (Nazareno de Brito / Luis Cláudio de Castro)
07. Chegadinho Chegadinho (Elpídio dos Santos)
08. Até Segunda-Feira (Paulo Rogério)

The back cover text also describes her singing voice as:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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