Trio Irakitan - Sempre Alerta (1960)

Odeon MOFB 3179

I must confess that I was amazed when I saw the front cover of this album by the famous vocal Trio Irakitan. The obvious question bothering me was:

What trouble could have forced three grown up guys to dress like boy scouts?

Then I looked closer at the back cover and found a text signed by a certain Dr João Ribeiro dos Santos...

The songs performed are:

01. Alerta (Benevenuto Cellini dos Santos)
02. A Árvore da Montanha (Tradicional)
03. Hino do Ajuri Nacional (João Ribeiro dos Santos)
04. O Cuco (Tradicional)
05. O Mar Estava Sereno (Tradicional)
06. Guingangule (Tradicional)
07. Espírito de B P (Tradicional)
08. Rataplan do Mar (Benevenuto Cellini dos Santos)
09. Canção da Alvorada (João Ribeiro dos Santos)
10. Quebra Coco (Tradicional)
11. Acorda Escoteiro Acorda (Tradicional)
12. Stodola (Tradicional)
13. Polenta (Tradicional)
14. Canção da Despedida (Auld Lang Syne) (Tradicional)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

1 comment:

  1. What a missed opportunity!! Not a single Baden Powell song on it!


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