Rosita Gonzales (1955)

Rádio 0017-V

About the existence of Rosita Gonzales I became aware quite a long time ago when I found her name as participant on two albums in the 1991 - 92 project called As Eternas Cantoras do Radio together with Carmélia Alves, Ellen de Lima, Nora Ney, Violeta Cavalcanti and Zezé Gonzaga. Since then I had no opportunity to find any of her career albums and after all the years I forgot about her.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to receive her first album, a 10', a short time ago from Pedro & 300discos.

Enjoy this ultra rarity on which she is singing in Spanish, accompanied by Waldir Calmon and his conjunto:

1. Pecado (Miguel Angel Valladares) Bolero
2. Oye Corazon (J. B. Tarraza) Bolero
3. Dejame En Paz (Luciano Miral) Bolero
4. Desespero de Amor (Ricardo Berdaguer) Samba-canção
5. Me Voy Para El Pueblo (M. Valdez) Mambo
6. No Más (Ricardo Berdaguer) Bolero
7. Muchachito (Walter Ribeiro) Beguine
8. Babalú (Margarita Lecuona) Afro-cubano


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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