Uccio Gaeta e Seu Conjunto - Bom Para Ouvir, Bom Para Dancar (1962)

Copacabana CLP 11226

Uccio Gaeta's discography counts (at least) 8 career albums out of which so far three had been presented on Parallel Realities.

Here is a fourth one.

More about Uccio Gaeta and this album can be found inside José Augusto Machado's linear notes consisting mainly of an interview with Uccio + a few words about each composition.

Although the back cover contains also the track list, I have reproduced it here:

01. Io, Mammeta E Tu (Domenico Modugno / Ricardo Pazzaglia) com Mimmo Gaeta
02. Felicidade Ligeira (Nelson Figueiredo / Aloísio Figueiredo)
03. Wheels (Norman Petty)
04. 'na Voce 'na Chitarra e 'o Poco 'e Luna (U. Calise / Carlo Alberto Rossi)
05. Sem Você (Uccio Gaetta / Tânia Ramirez)
06. Tu Si' 'a Malincunia (A. Fierro)
07. Chella Lla (Sandro Taccani / Umberto Bertini)
08. Zíngara (Joubert de Carvalho / Olegário Mariano)
09. O Amor E A Rosa (Antônio Maria / Ayres da Costa Pessoa "Pernambuco")
10. Al Di La (Mogol / Carlo Donida)
11. Hino à Vida (Paul Williams / Mimmo)
12. Mambo da Cantareira (Barbosa da Silva / Eloide Warthon)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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