Waldir Calmon e Sua Orquestra - Mambos (1955)

Copacabana CLP 2010

With this 1955 10' LP compilation of 78 Rpm recordings released between 1953 and 1954 I am concluding the re-upload from the other reality the Waldir Calmon's albums identified as with expired download links.
Note that the albums which have been copyright protected in the meantime are not included in this action but left where they were with the DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY misleading text, supposedly pointing to a date in time, a place which you might perceive as nowhere...

The collected tracks:

1. Silbando Mambo (Perez Prado) OBS: 78rpm: 5.039 / 1953
2. Mambo Nº 5 (Perez Prado) OBS: 78rpm: 5.161 / 1953
3. Un Meneito Na'ma (Margarita Guerra) OBS: 78rpm: 5.249 / 1954
4. Adios (Enric Madriguera) OBS: 78rpm: 5.294 / 1954
5. Mambo En España (Ramon Marquez) OBS: 78rpm: 5.054 / 1953
6. Mambo Nº 8 (Perez Prado) OBS: 78rpm: 5.039 / 1953
7. Universitário (Perez Prado) OBS: 78rpm: 5.084 / 1953
8. Cao Cao Mani Picao (José Carbo Menendez) Interpretes: El Cubanito OBS: 78rpm: 5.054 / 1953


Créditos: ? (probably Loronix)

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