Carimbo e Sirimbo do Pinduca (1973)

Beverly AMCLP 5194

Sirimbó was so far not even mentioned on Parallel Realities, while Pinduca was mentioned once as a composer of one track in a potpourri in the album by Ely Farias' E Carimbó e Nosso (1973).

Here is a career album by Pinduca containing:

01. Sirimbó (Pinduca) sirimbó
02. Menina Menina (Pinduca) carimbó
03. Ariramba (Pinduca) carimbó
04. Dona Maria (Tradicional) carimbó
05. O Caçador (Tradicional) carimbó
06. Comancheira Comancheira (Tradicional) sirimbó
07. Filha do Lavrador (Pinduca) carimbó
08. Morena Eu Caio (Tradicional) carimbó
09. Tucandeira (Pinduca) carimbó
10. Pot-pourri de Carimbós:
      Menina Menina (Pinduca)
      Tucandeira (Pinduca)
      O Caçador (Tradicional)
      Ariramba (Pinduca)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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