Canta Heleninha Costa (1959)

Todamérica LPP-TA-331

This is Edson Mendes' sound re-master of his friend Beto Abrantes' YouTube post on his channel.

Heleninha Costa's second career album:

01. Bate Um Samba (Guio de Morais) 
02. Turista (Guio de Morais) 
03. O Samba É Um Lamento (J. Cascata / Antônio Nássara)
04. Máxima Culpa (Sergio Ricardo)
05. Foi Em Lisboa (Antônio Mestre)
06. Adeus (Adios) (Enric Madriguera / Vrs. Osny Silva)
07. Poeira de Sonho (Dream Dust) (William Rayner / David Greer / Carolyn Leigh / Versão - Alberto Ribeiro)
08. Poema Azul (Sergio Ricardo)
09. Hoje É Domingo Outra Vez (Peterpan / Amado Regis)
10. Falaram (Daisy Amaral)
11. Amargura (Alberto Ribeiro / Radamés Gnattali)
12. Fim (Ted Moreno / Oscar Griffits)

Arrangements by Guio de Moraes and Radamés Gnatalli

THE TOURISTS FROM ANOTHER REALITY new file - includes back cover 

Créditos: Beto Abrantes / Edson Mendes

P.S. I just received from Edson Mendes the missing back cover of this album.
If you have downloaded the previous file without the back cover, you may download it HERE.

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