The Tip Top's - I'm Twist (1965)

Iracema 10.002

Twist with The Tip Top's only (?) career album:

01. I'm Twist (P. Wilson)
02. Twist Macabro (Nelson)
03. Devil's Fire (Vado / Mingo)
04. Revel With Guitar (Gil)
05. Guitar's In Fury (Gil)
06. Eastern Magic (Roberto)
07. Musical's Mark (P. Wilson)
08. The Toupee (J. B. Santos)
09. Feast Of Beast (Burriquinha / Rubi)
10. The Mouse Twist (Walkyria / Santana)
11. Seducer Twist (J. Costa / Gina Sammartano)
12. Journey To The 7 Th Planet (Roberto)

The full names of the musicians you may find out if you are able to decipher their signatures on the back cover. For those that can't do it, here are the short versions: Roberto, Nelson, Gil, Mingo and Vado.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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