Pompilio Diniz - Poemas do Nordeste

RGE RLP - 200.000

The first album in the planned RGE series of poetry features texts from the book: Mane Gonçalo e o Nordeste by Pompilio Diniz.

Needles to say that, although I understand a bit of Portuguese when I see it written, I can not tell you anything about Pompílio Diniz's poetry but Helcio Carvalho de Castro can and he has done it in the linear nots.

There is also an easier and better way for you to experience Pompilio's work by listening to the poems.
If you understand Portuguese, of course:

01. Festa de Inleição
02. O Ecripe
03. A Duença
04. Fuxico de Muié
05. Mussambê
06. Pruquê
07. Maria
08. Preposta de Cabôco
09. Pesadêlo
10. Supertição
11. Boi de Ingenho 

As expected, the poet is presenting his poems himself


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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