Gaucho e Seu Trio - Em Ritmo de Tango (1960)

Philips P 630.414 L

Gaúcho's discography is nearing it's completion on Parallel Realities... If there is nothing I do not know about, only two of his albums are still missing.

The musicians of this one are:

Gaúcho: Acordeom
José Menezes: Guitarra
Malaguti: Contrabaixo
Hugo: Bateria

The medleys performed are:

1. Violino Tzigano (Cesare Andrea Bixio / Bruno Cherubini)
    Bolero (Paul Durand / Henri Contet)
2. Sueño Azul (R. Zerrillo / T. Bárczy)
    Amado Mio (Allan Roberts / Doris Fisher)
3. Orchids In The Moonlight (Vincent Youmans / Gus Kahn / Edward Eliscu)
    Vivere (Cesare Andrea Bixio)
4. Inspiración (Peregrino Paulos / Luis Rubistein)
    Addormentarmi Cosi (Mascheroni / Biri)
5. Mon Coeur Est Un Violon (Morka Laparcerie)
    Chitarra Romana (Eldo di Lazzaro / Bruno Di Lazzaro)
6. Tango Boogie (Al Caiola)
    Leyenda Del Beso (R. Soutulo / J. Vert)
7. The Moon Was Yellow (Edgar Leslie / Fred Emil Ahlert)
    Torna Piccina (Cesare Andrea Bixio)
8. Jalousie (Jacob Gade)
    Signora Fortuna (Armando Fragna / Bruno Cherubini)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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