Lago Azul (1955)

Columbia LPCB 35008

While the ladies Zezé Gonzaga and Ellen de Lima are quite well known, Helena Ribeiro and Mary Duarte are not.
As you might have guessed, my passion for obscure cantoras got inflamed immediately after receiving this various artists Columbia showcase and hearing them sing and the search for more songs by them or at least more information started.
The results are as follows: Helena Ribeiro has participated on three more various artists compilations and has released two 78 rpm albums, while Mary Duarte (or Mari Duarte) has, beside the album presented today, two more various artists compilations (listed under Mari Duarte) and 12 78 rpm records from 1951 to 1956 (listed under Mary Duarte).
Possibly there is more and hopefully we will sooner of later have the chance to enjoy also other songs by both of them.

Of course, beside the four above mentioned ladies, the other four tracks are sung by four gentlemen, so the complete list looks like this:

1. Lago Azul (Waldir Rumbelsperger / Walter Gonçalves) Bolero - Ellen de Lima
2. Tu Só Tu (Carolina Cardoso de Menezes / Armando O. Fernandes) Samba-canção - Cauby Peixoto
3. Teu Olhar (Marco Antônio Prates) Samba-canção - Helena Ribeiro
4. Mar Negro (Am Schwarzen Meer) (Léo Rodi / Vrs. Haroldo Barbosa) Tango - Déo
5. Sorri (Smile) (Charles Chaplin / Geoffrey Parsons / John Turner / Vrs. João de Barro) Beguine - Ivan de Alencar
6. Sedução (Carlito / Nazareno de Brito) Samba - Zezé Gonzaga
7. Canção Sem Nome (Renato de Oliveira) Samba-canção - Carlos Henrique
8. Valsa Do Adeus (R. Burns / Vrs. Juvenal Fernandes) Valsa - Mary Duarte


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