Godoy e seu Sexteto (1954)

Rádio 0010-V

One of the oldest albums released by Rádio, featuring Godoy.
I know about Godoy and his sextet only what I found in the unsigned text printed on the back cover (which all interested can also read), plus an information found on Memoria Musical according to which it is his only career album.

This antiquity features the rendition of these compositions:

1. Xodó (José Maria de Abreu / Jair Amorim) Samba-canção
2. Vida da Minha Vida (Ataulfo Alves) Samba
3. Pitoresco (Guio de Morais) Choro
4. Doce Melodia (Abel Ferreira) Choro
5. É Tão Gostoso (Mário Lago) Choro
6. Nunca Mais (Dorival Caymmi) Samba-canção
7. Trem Paulista (S. Godoy / Antônio Almeida) Baião
8. Uma Tarde Em Amaralina (K-Ximbinho) Choro

Arrangements are by Guio de Moraes


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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  1. Great Post, didn't know the artist and a beautiful art cover,


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